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October 21st, 2015

This is a very special post for a very special lady, when the lovely Sophie Tennent got in contact with us about supporting her charity, we jumped at the chance!

Sophie is 23 years old and has suffered from M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) for over 6 years now. This Chronic Condition affects thousands of Men, Woman and Children in the UK and yet still has no government funding, which we think is awful! Her condition has worsened severely over the past 2 years to the degree where she cannot walk properly or do normal every day activities and she is reliant on using mobility aids such as a walker and wheelchair and she also relies on help from her fantastic Mum, Dad and partner. This condition is not very well known and is still being heavily researched to try and understand what causes M.E to happen and to try to find a cure. As it is, there are many triggers for this condition and she is very determined to improve the quality of her life.

The Charity that supports M.E is “Invest in ME”, which is not very well known and has no government funding and is in need of as much funding as it can get to help support the research in ME and help severe ME sufferers live their lives. Therefore they rely on fund raising activities and donations to collect as much money as they can to help and go towards this vital research that can hopefully change mine and other sufferers’ lives.


We cant believe there is no government funding as it is a life changing condition that really needs the support, and it is also very close to our hearts. Sophie and Invest in M.E need all the help they can get to help raise awareness for the condition, we are so happy to be helping as the less well known charities really need the support as they deserve an equal chance at funding! Sophie puts a lot of effort into raising awareness for M.E  already with a blog she writes (which will be linked at the bottom) and is holding a Fund Raising Event on Saturday 7th November and she is hoping to raise as much money as she can!

We will be writing more blog posts about Sophie, a wonderfully inspirational girl who manages to look past her M.E and still stay positive and her journey of creating more awareness for M.E sufferers. We will be carrying a donation pot around with us so if any of our lovely customers would like to donate any spare change, it would be very much appreciated. This is just the start for us supporting the charity and we are very happy to be helping.

Sophie’s very touching journey video –

Sophie’s blog –

We hope you can help support and follow the journey.

Sublime Candles Team:)x

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