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Helen MorganIntroducing…
Helen Louise Morgan, Founder

Born in Liverpool, Helen Morgan is a British businesswoman, mother and natural wellness advocate, best known as the founder of Sublime Candles, a company dedicated to producing and retailing natural candles and bathing products based on ethical consumerism and enhancing wellbeing.

Helen started Sublime Candles in 2013 to share her passion for wellness and some inspiration to help others live greener, whilst creating a lifestyle worth sustaining.

As a former personal trainer and fitness coach, learning about our bodies and natural healing led Helen and her family to learn about organic foods and alternative therapies, including essential oils, GMOs, non-toxic cleaning, the harmful nature of chemicals, and much more. Helen was living green by default, although health and wellness are her primary objectives.

Throughout our daily lives we are dependent on plants and their many uses. We use a broad variety of plant life for oxygen, food, clothing, and to bring harmony and balance into our homes and surroundings.

Plants have many great qualities, but the plants themselves are not the only bounty. The oils that are extracted from leaves, flowers, stems, roots, or bark are incredible tools we can use in our everyday lives to help us achieve a healthy solutions and wellbeing.

Essential oils carry the essence of the plants in a concentrated form and a single drop of oil can be equivalent to multiple teaspoons of the dried herb. They can be used or applied in a multitude of ways and combinations to bring powerful results to the atmosphere and our bodies. All of which help enhance our lifestyle.

All essential oils are made up of various chemical constituents whose research is continually growing, especially in recent years. In addition to these impressive qualities, they often also transfer very pleasurable sensory experiences within minutes because of their fragrances and restorative natures, making them impactful on our brain chemistry, emotional well-being, and spiritual wellness. This makes for a highly vast and diverse list of uses for essential oils.

And so began Helen’s mission to set up Sublime Candles and Sublime Scents, to help promote wellness through the use of natural products in her range of candles and bathing products.

At Sublime Candles we prohibit the use of ingredients tested on animals, promote fair trade, and create products which are suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

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