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Fairy Dust Diffuser


Our Fairy Dust Diffuser is a warm and aromatic blend of saffron, musk and myrrh. Each diffuser comes in a round 50ml glass bottle, with coloured reeds.

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Our Fairy Dust Diffuser is a warm and aromatic blend of saffron, musk and myrrh.

We now have our seventeen top selling fragrances available as reed diffusers. Each diffuser comes in a lovely round 50ml glass bottle with a silver top and coloured reeds. They last for about four months.

Our fragrances are:

  • Classic Cotton – crisp and clean bergamot, lemon, cyclamen and sandalwood
  • Daisy – fresh floral notes of daisy, jasmine, lily and radiant musk
  • Fairy Dust Diffuser – warm and aromatic saffron, musk and myrrh
  • Freesia – a lovely fresh fragrance of freesia combined with bergamot, tuberose and sandalwood
  • Fresh Lavender – a relaxing bouquet of ylang ylang, wild lilies and English lavender
  • Gold Dust – warm and sensual saffron, frankinsence and myrrh
  • Hot Cinnamon – spicy, warm and comforting woody notes with a hint of clove and orange
  • Jasmine – a subtle combination of jasmine, gardenia, lily and amber
  • Lemongrass – fresh, lemony uplifting notes of musk, patchouli and cedar
  • Moonflower – a gorgeous blend of sandalwood, jasmine, sweet pea, mandarin and ylang ylang
  • Plum Champagne – a warm centre of casis, vanilla, lily and may rose. Totally luscious
  • Pomegranate – a delicious bubbly scent of pomegranate with amber, dark fruits and sandalwood
  • Star Dust – an evocative melody of musk, peach, rose, lily, mandarin, lemon and vanilla
  • Sweet Pea – a subtle Summer fragrance with hints of sweet pea, rose, lily and apricot
  • Tropical Treat – juicy, sun ripened lime, Caribbean coconut and vanilla pod
  • Tuscan Velvet – a melody of rose, lily, mandarin, lemon and vanilla
  • Watermelon – the ultimate Summer thirst-quenching refresher


Advice for use and care of your Fairy Dust Diffuser.

Unscrew the metal cap on the top of the perfume bottle, remove inner plug and replace the metal cap back into position. Insert the rattan reeds fully into the perfume.

Within 24 hours the perfume will be drawn up the reeds and disperse the scent into your room. Rotating the reeds occassionally will enhance the fragrance in your room.


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