Handmade Candles

An exceptional range of handmade candles

At Sublime we are proud to offer a superb range of scented, handmade candles for every occasion, all carefully hand finished with extra sparkle.

There is a choice of more than fifty fragrances, all made from the finest oils and waxes, and skillfully blended to delight your senses. We are constantly adding new products to our range, so keep an eye out for new fragrances and new designs.

Scented candles

Handmade from the highest quality wax and infused with fine fragrances and oils, our candle tins burn for over 50 hours!

votive candles

Gift Boxes

We have a selection of gift/treat boxes to suit any budget, starting at £14 – and it’s free delivery on orders over £15.

watermelon 5 wick candle

5 Wick Round Candles

Twelve of our most popular scents, handmade with fine fragrances and burn for about 40 hours – £15.99.

3 wick candles

Our finest fragrances, handmade from the highest quality wax, these luxurious 3-wick tins burn for over 40 hours!

votive candles


Handmade from the highest quality wax infused with fine fragrances and burn for about 24 hours – £3.99.

single wick glass candle

Single Wick Glass Candles

Twelve of our most popular scents, these gorgeous candles are handmade and burn for over 55 hours – £10.

plum champagne diffuser

Shampoo bars

Our fabulous shampoo bars are all handmade from natural ingredients and are paraben/SLS free. A 135gsm bar is £6.00.

candyfloss soap

Natural Soaps

Handmade from natural ingredients our soaps come in 34 different scents – suitable for vegetarians and vegans – £3.99.

Bath Bombs

Handmade, containing only natural ingredients our giant 210gsm Bath Bombs come in 8 different scents – £3.50.

lavender & rosemary soap

3 t-lights Gift Boxes

Uur 3 t-light gift boxes come in six different scent selections. Each t-light lasts for between 12–14 hours and they are £8.99 per box.

floral collection

7 t-light Box Sets

This Gift Box consist of 7 t-lights that each burn for 12-14 hours. Perfect for presents or as a way to sample different aromas. £16.00

christmas candles

Christmas Candles

Our festive fragrance candles are handmade, hand finished, and burn for 55 hours – £8.99!


Where To Find Us

Throughout the year we attend a wide range of events and shows around the country.
Visit our events page to see where you can come and meet us.

Apple Cast Farmers Market – April

Apple Cast Farmers Market – April

It will be great to be back oncde again at Apple Cast Farmers Market, Newburgh on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th April 2021. Pop along and say hello, there'll be some lovely stalls there,

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